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Die Design

As the key player in aluminium industry, Indal provides design consultation services to its customers. Innovation drives our engineers to explore new possibilities of die shape and dimension to stay one step ahead in the industry. Indal collaborates with customers even before designing to ensure reliability and accuracy is scripted in every task. Indal is challenged to bring customer’s idea into reality.

Die Making

The Indal’s die-making technology is one of the best in South East Asia Region. CNC milling with the ability to perform up to 5-axis simulation, EDM CNC and wire cutting CNC enable Indal to create extrusion dies which meet customer’s stringent requirement within a shorter production period. This facility includes heat treatment and nitro carbonizing to produce the best quality dies that meet international standards. With current facilities, Indal is able to make more than 2800 dies per year.

Our Die Libraries

Indal’s die library consists of more than 5000 shapes, used in various industries starting from building and construction to aviation industry. All extrusion dies under Indal’s aluminium production are designed with proprietary software such as Auto CAD/CAM; thus ensures optimum accuracy in designing and manufacturing.

Tool & Die

Extrusion Presses Capacities

Indal is constantly upgrading its aluminium extrusion presses capacities and auxiliary equipments to enhance its capability of producing aluminium extrusion sections and to meet the ever increasing customer's requirement. Equipped with 10 NOS, our extrusion line is able to cater majority of customer's requirements and able to have maximum extruded length up to 10 meter. Therefore it would sum up to 36,000 MT of production capacity per year.

Extrusion Press Lines

  • 1 unit of 700 MT Press Machine
  • 1 unit of 850 MT Press Machine
  • 4 unit of 1200 MT Press Machine
  • 3 unit of 2000 MT Press Machine
  • 1 unit of 2750 MT Press Machine
  • 3 Head Puller
  • Double Puller
  • Hot Log Shear
  • Auto Stacker
  • Nitrogen Cooling

Machine Gallery

Our Foundry's Technologies

Indal has also acquired homogenizing technology to guarantee the solution treatment process and homogeneous of billet structure. Indal’s team of metallurgists ensures precise and stable alloy mixture quality to meet the international standards and customer’s stringent specifications.

Equipped with the latest DC casting facility and the latest technology of MAXICAST and AIRSLIP method from WAGSTAFF, Indal is able to produce billet in variety sizes range from 3.5” to 9” diameter with production capacity up to 15 tons/casting.

Our Foundry's Gallery

Our Anodizing's Technologies

Surface treatment increases material durability and provides customer with various possibilities for colour and decoration design, thus a wider range of applications. They protect the material from corrosion, pollution, sun-rays, humidity and no discoloration by ultra-violet rays. Indal delivers flexibility to customers by providing them with various surface finishings such as mill finish, sand blasting, anodizing and painting.

Anodizing Plant Facility

Having in house anodizing plant, Indal is able to offer the customers a wider range of aluminium application. The anodizing plant with automated material transfer facility is based on Italian technology, which uses Italian rectifiers for its 1-step and 2-step anodizing. Best quality chemical is used to produce good anodizing surface quality with better consistency. The plant installed is capable to produce anodized finishing up to 7500 mm in length and over 18000 MT / year.


Indal also offer their valued customers with the special/custom finishing anodizing with a line capacity of 4800 MT/annum.

Anodizing's Gallery

Our Painting's Technologies

Indal surface finishing is also supported by in-house paint plant facility, which has adopted the latest technology in the industry. Indal has 2 types of painting system; horizontal and vertical painting system, thus providing our customers with both powder and fluorocarbon (wet) coatings. Indal’s vertical painting system is one of the best in the industry by offering more speed, lower cost, better coverage area and uniformity in paint finishing. Both plants are designed to handle materials up to 7,000 mm in length.


Painted surface finishing is available in a vast range of solid, metallic and exotic colour choices. It also features Indal’s computerized colour-matching equipment to help match custom colours. Indal always uses the best material for powder coating, which is produced by leading paint manufacturers such as Akzo Noble, Dupont and Jotun, etc. Indal is also a certified applicator of PVDF wet paints produced by PPG, Valspar and Becker for its compliance with the required quality assurance and AAMA specifications in painting process. Best of all, these high quality coatings come with a 10-15 years of warranty.

Painting Gallery

Fabrication Facilities

Indal has the latest technology for machining and fabrication, such as cutting, drilling, counter-sinking, punching and piercing, reaming, milling, boring, shearing, notching, turning, coining, tapping and perforating to produce value added products. Indal also offers the possibility of producing profiles with special cuts and polished edges according to customer’s specifications. Being an integrated aluminium manufacturer, Indal fabrication division is able to offer several advantages such as lower price at reasonable rate and effective turnaround time to the customers through vendor consolidation with extrusion division.


Our production capacities are supported by modern and integrated facilities such as:

  • 3 unit 4 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center with 2150mm stroke
  • 2 unit 3 Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center with 1300mm stroke
  • 8 unit CNC Tapping & Milling with 350mm stroke
  • 2 unit CMM with 2000mm stroke capable to do reserve engineering
  • 1 unit 6 Axis CNC Milling with 7000 stroke
  • 1 unit 4 Axis CNC Milling with 8 magazine tools
  • 2 unit 3 Axis CNC
  • 1 unit Turret Punch Press
  • 3 unit Automatic Single & Double Head Cutting with accuracy up to 0.1 mm
  • 1 unit CNC Mass Cutting

Curtain wall part fabricated up to 1700 pcs/day.

  • Surabaya Fabrication Facility (for Aluminium Sheet Purpose) : Production capacity up to 200 units/day
  • Jakarta Assembling Facility (including Fabrication) : Production capacity up to 120 units/day.

Fabrication Machines Gallery

Quality Aspect

Advanced production facilities, professional management systems, precision inspection equipments and qualified work force are the quality assurance aspects that guarantee Indal product quality. Every product passes strict quality checks at each manufacturing stage to ensure that buyer receive absolutely flawless products. Our policy is to attain and exceed the standard expected by our valued customers. This can be achieved by continuous improvement programmed in process discipline, manufacturing method and quality system.

ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certification by LRQA, Kite Mark Product Certification by BSI, TUV and SG Mark Product Certification by Japan Consumer Safety Association are the achievements to justify Indal commitment to meet International Standards Recognitions.

Indal’s Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with the latest instrumentation designed to analyze shape, dimension, material properties and composition of various alloys produced or purchased by the company. Surface Finishing Laboratory comprises of test equipments such as Gloss meter, Coating thickness gauge, Cross Hatch test, Impact test, Cupping test, Cylindrical Mandrel Bending test equipments. Ladder Test Laboratory is equipped with complete test jigs to carry out the test in compliance with BS 7553, ANSI 14.2, 14.5 and 14.10, JIS S 1121, AS/NZS 1892.3 and AS/NZS 1892.1 Standards.

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