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Our Anodizing's Technologies

Surface treatment increases material durability and provides customer with various possibilities for colour and decoration design, thus a wider range of applications. They protect the material from corrosion, pollution, sun-rays, humidity and no discoloration by ultra-violet rays. Indal delivers flexibility to customers by providing them with various surface finishings such as mill finish, sand blasting, anodizing and painting.

Anodizing Plant Facility

Having in house anodizing plant, Indal is able to offer the customers a wider range of aluminium application. The anodizing plant with automated material transfer facility is based on Italian technology, which uses Italian rectifiers for its 1-step and 2-step anodizing. Best quality chemical is used to produce good anodizing surface quality with better consistency. The plant installed is capable to produce anodized finishing up to 6300 mm in length and over 6000 MT / year.

Anodizing's Gallery

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