PT Indalex as market leader alumunium contractor

PT Indalex as market leader

alumunium contractor

PT Indalex offers an innovative and
comprehensive range of exterior cladding systems,
which includes curtain wall for the conventional
stick system, and technically sophisticated
unitized system, window wall, door and window,
louver, solid panel, as well as other architectural
facade system.

PT Indalex is honored to be your partner in the construction work

PT Indalex is honored to be your partner

in the construction work

PT Indalex is committed to excellence
in the design and execution of the construction
of new millennium buildings, to cater with the
demanding technical standards in the buildings
industry of the future. The foundation of our
success lies in a commitment to understanding
and meeting our client’s requirement for safety,
workmanship, on time delivery and value.

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PT. Indalex

PT. Indalex is one of Indal’s subsidiary engaged in design, estimation and installation of innovative architectural facade products with lower cost and better quality services. PT. Indalex is able to position himself as one of the biggest architectural facade specialist in Indonesia because it is supported by over 10 years of experience, professional team, experienced engineers and comprehensive resources of Indal group. Indalex committed to bring highest value, punctual delivery at reasonable cost. Among some of prestigious projects that make use of PT. Indalex services are Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Peak and Senayan City.

As an alumunium facade specialist, we provide innovative design and installation of the architecturural facade works using alumunium panel, extrusion, glass, stone, and other lightweight building materials. The unique design allows a perfect fit of the glass panels that gives a continuous glass facade and the same time eliminating trapping of water and dirt.

Innovations always ring in the minds of our engineers. In one of its innovative moves, project team designed the glass roof structure by horizontal clamping bar between the glass panels.

Having a team of professional and technically trained personal as well as technical collaboration with foreign expertise (BUIDERS FEDERAL ) is our effort to assure high quality design and finishing are supplied to each project.