aluclad features
aluclad baner

  1. Peel stregth is superior to our national standard;
  2. Superior Weather resistance ( -40ºC to 80ºC);
    UV resistance, Acid resistance and Alkali resistance
    which suitable to all natural environment.
  3. Environmental Friendly because ALUCLAD made of
    green decorative building material;
  4. Easy to process, install, use and also easy to maintain
  5. Light weight, sturdy, flexible and elegant
  6. Excellent sound insulation and anti vibration.
  7. Various choice of colors and specifications.
  8. Superior flatness
  9. Warranty for color up to 15 years.
Thickness: 2 - 6 mm
Width: 900 - 1,570 mm
Length: The maximum can be 5,800 mm
Note: Our Standard Size is 1,220 mm x 2,440 mm with thickness 4 mm
All orders for customized size will be based on the availability and subjected to minimum order quantity.

Variation Of Colors
We can provide Standard and Customized Colors which meet your requirement and specification.
Note: All orders will be entertained based on the availability and subjected to minimum order quantity.

Physical Features
1 Density GB/T11748-999 ± 0.5 kg/m² 3mm/3.6kg3mm/3.6kg
2 Bending strength GB/T11718-93 ≥ 100Mpa 119Mpa
3 Bending modulus of elasticity GB/T11718-93 4≥ 2.0X10 -4 3.84x104
4 Penetrating resistance ASTM D732-93 ≥ 9.0KN 9.9KN
5 Shearing strength ASTM D732-93 ≥ 28.0Mpa 32.8Mpa
6 180° peel strength GB/T2790-93 ≥ 7.0N/mm 11.4N/mm
8 Temperature difference GB/T17748-99 20 times without-40˚C to 80˚C No change
8 Thermal expansion coefficient GB/T17748-99 ≥ 4.0X10-5 1.6x10-5
9 Temperature of thermal GB1634-93 ≥ 105 ˚C 112˚C